8 days plan for pakistan affairs

The big question is how realistic such a prospect can be. According to a notification issued on the orders of the governor of Balochistan, three advisers were appointed with immediate effect on the advice of the chief minister on September 7, This includes 69 bank accounts containing Rs Korea on mind India opens longest bridge on border with China The 9.

Lahore-Islamabad Motorway project launched. Pakistan also established Counter Financing of Terrorism Units CFTUs to focus on the financial aspect of the investigation as a core task in money laundering, terrorist financing, assets tracing and other necessary skills.

Extensive flooding after monsoon rains. His trip comes a little more than a year after President Donald Trump unveiled a revamped strategy for Afghanistan that saw him commit thousands of additional US forces to the war-torn country on an open-ended basis. Noted playwright, broadcaster Nisar Mohammad dies at 78 Noted Pashto film and playwright Nisar Mohammad Khan passed away in his native Shahmansoor village on September 7, after a five-year-long battle with cancer.

This was our last day in this semi wilderness. Kargil War ends between Pakistan and India. Pakistan regains World Hockey Championship title after 12 years, beating Holand Musharraf wins in a referendum.

The Election Commission announces elections will now be held on February Russia and India signed the agreement on cooperation under the program in The Pir Chinasi was the second best thing about this tour. National Assembly adopts Eighth Amendment Bill.

Things we experienced for the very first time in our life, together. With the induction of the three advisers, the number of advisers in the Balochistan cabinet has risen to four. The views and over all off roading experience totally makes up for it though.

Pakistan becomes 37th country to send expedition to Antarctica. Sindh Government lifts ban on six Karachi evening newspapers. Pakistan Crushed India by 46 runs in inaugural Asian test championship February In addition, our driver Mr. Later that same day a grenade attack on another mosque in the village of Sulemankhel near Peshawar claimed at least two lives.

Khalid Mushtaq remains very supporting and kind in arrangements of the trip. The United Nations said that Griffiths was not expected to hold any talks at its Geneva offices on Friday.

He has replaced Mr Tahir who has been transferred to Punjab. The first day was a tiring day as we had to travel from Islamabad all the way to Kutton. Noted poet, writer and columnist, Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi, dies in Lahore.

Martial Law is lifted, amended Constitution revived.Pakistan Affairs 8 Days - Time Table Day: 01 > Evolution and growth of Muslim Society in the Sub-continent. > Ideology of Pakistan-Definition and Elucidation.

Russia to punish India with Pakistan’s help for failing 5th-generation fighter project

Day: 02 > Historical aspects Muslim rule in the sub-continent, its downfall and efforts of Renaissance. 3rd June Plan Radcliffe Award, Partition of Bengal. The government submitted its action plan on April 25 in response to FATF’s warning to put Pakistan on countries’ grey-list in February this year, informed officials said.

Timeline of Pakistani history (1947–present)

Download CSS Notes for Pakistan Affairs Compulsory Subject 8 Days Plan for Pakistan Affairs. Pakistan Affairs 8 Days - Time Table Day: 01 > Evolution and growth of Muslim Society in the Sub-continent. > Ideology of Pakistan-Definition and Elucidation.

11 Days Pakistan Tour of Lahore Islamabad Murree Swat AJK Tour,It was a wonderful experience to see these amazing places in our beloved country Pakistan!

I'm happy to chose Tourplanner for this trip. Mr. Khalid is very kind gentleman & very active & professional person.4/5(1). GENERAL KNOWLEDGE, PAPER-III (PAKISTAN AFFAIRS) Page 1 of 2 FEDERAL PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION COMPETITIVE EXAMINATION FOR When was the local government system under the Devolution of Power Plan,inaugurated?

(a) August 4, (b) August 14, Q Pakistan’s industry is providing jobs to .

8 days plan for pakistan affairs
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