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I always had great difficultly listening and writing down my answers, until I tried not writing anything until the sound had finished. I shall find out in August when I get the rest of my exam results. Could you explain to me how you translated the French into good English as I find this impossible to do, I just want to write down what I see on the paper.

Its purpose is to promote the learning of the relevant material and to consolidate previous learning.

French AS Level Resources

We recommend the following websites in particular: If anything, though, my recommendation would be to treat it like an English essay — only using the French language rather than English.

On 12th April Daniel said: I would just like to say this is a really useful blog and I will be coming back to check the tips frequently until the exam on the 18th! Please also see a member of staff if you are interested in doing the Modern Languages Bacalaureat.

Comparisons certains disent que I borrowed papers from my school because they had them going back for years, but I gave them all back when I was finished. On 20th April Nadine said: Well, it turned out to be not so bad after all.

This consists of a combination of one Higher and two Advanced Highers in a language or English plus an inter-disciplinary project.

On 3rd May Wilf said: This nearly always leads to anglicized French. Hello, What a fantastic blog this is, such a great resource! If I remember correctly, the background essay is quite short so the topic should be quite tightly focused.

30 Useful French Essay Phrases

I often am conscious of my English word choice and structuring — having a blog and all — so my experience here probably made this part a bit easier for me. Good luck on the 18th!

Advanced Higher French

I know that I have to select a question from the list given to me but do I need to write a summary of the plot like in an English essay? I wrote on French cinema and the government subsidies provided to it, and found it very hard.

Having presented the opposing, and in your opinion, the more convincing side of the question, all you need to do is add a short paragraph in conclusion. Study of French, Spanish or German at University. I am very impressed that you got an A, which I was hoping for having topped the class for French and German Higher and Int 2 but not as sure now since the course is very challenging.

I hope it goes well tomorrow… On 30th March Gary said: It makes a better impression if you avoid plunging in with subjective statements like: The following words and phrases are given with an English equivalent and sometimes given a context: I feel stupid now it was so obvious.

Advanced Higher Modern Languages

Hi WIlf, thanks for your reply. Having given one side of the argument you need to indicate that you are changing your viewpoint.

Numbers of people or things La plupart des gens sont For the writing, I think learning phrases is much more important. It helps it you make a habit of writing down useful words and phrases on various themes and if you read through these at regular intervals, including the period before the exam.

Similarly with sans doute: Homework is issued regularly and is designed to develop the skills necessary to pass the course. After the exams I felt that all of my hard work paid off, and that was confirmed when my results came.Guide to discursive writing in French with activities on personal relationships, media, jobs, immigration, social issues and environment.

Aimed at new Advanced Higher French, but can be adapted for other languages.5/5(4). 30 Useful French Essay Phrases April 29, / French vocabulary and expression Intermediate Level.

Advanced Higher French watch. Announcements. You have no idea what questions they will ask you. Reading and listening aren't *that* much of a jump, as long as you found it really easy to get As in Higher.

Most difficult Advanced Higher? GCSE French advanced phrases? see more. Jun 06,  · You should all be trying to LISTEN to as much French as possible. Try Euronews and TV5 Monde. Just mins a day could make a huge difference.

Advanced Higher English

Set yourself targets (listen for numbers and dates / listen for salient points then write a brief summary / write a dictation of exactly what you hear). You can. Wilf’s Guide to Advanced Higher French. The Advanced Higher French speaking exam: For me, I chose the topics of the internet and immigration, and my folio contains a background essay about French cinema, and an essay on some poetry of Jacques Prévert, so I would have to speak about (at least one of) them too.

by being. Advanced Higher Modern Languages - develop the skills of listening and talking, reading and writing, in order to understand and use a modern language.

Advanced higher french essay questions
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