An overview of the palestine liberation organization

It is a broad national front, or an umbrella organization, comprised of numerous organizations of the resistance movement, political parties, popular organizations, and independent personalities and figures from all sectors of life.

The History Learning Site, 26 May It also has a tactical element, as to keep the backing of Arab states. Arab Politics and the PLO. The result of these discussions was that today the Palestinian people live under partial self-rule and seem on the An overview of the palestine liberation organization to obtaining the homeland they have yearned for years.

The Proclamation of Independence did not lead to statehood, although over states recognised the State of Palestine.

Palestine Liberation Organization

This is expressed in the National Covenant: Israel, perhaps sensing the growing sympathy, redoubled its efforts to eliminate the Palestinian threat. The Intifada caught the PLO by surprise, [83] and the leadership abroad could only indirectly influence the events. The Oslo Accords were a surprise development that appeared to rescue the PLO from a critical situation, open up prospects of a change in the status quo in the Occupied Territories, and spark new Palestinian opposition.

They all agreed, however, on the principle of Palestinian agency—that Palestinians themselves must initiate political action and other forms of struggle—and all shared a profound skepticism regarding the professed commitment of Arab governments to act in support of the Palestinians.

They were also afraid of the loss of representation of the refugees in the UN. A political umbrella organization of several Palestinian groups, the PLO thereafter consistently claimed to be the sole representative of all Palestinian people. These two groups believed that the only way Israel could be forced into returning land was to use violence — and bombing, hijacking and murder became their modus operandi.

From the signing of the Oslo Accords, negotiation and diplomacy became the only official policy. On 21 MarchIsrael massively retaliated at Karama, Jordan. Oxford University Press, People, Power, and Politics. The Palestinian Liberation Organization: The PLO at this time did not clearly either accept or reject a two state solution.

A month later, Arafat declared in Geneva that the PLO would support a solution of the conflict based on these Resolutions. Following massive raids by Israeli forces in Beirut, it is estimated that 8, PLO fighters evacuated the city and dispersed.

Israel claimed to see the Ten Point Program as dangerous, because it allegedly allows the Palestinian leadership to enter negotiations with Israel on issues where Israel can compromise, but under the intention of exploiting the compromises in order to "improve positions" for attacking Israel.

They warned for the risk of fragmentation, where the State of Palestine would represent the people within the UN and the PLO represent the people outside the UN, the latter including the Palestinians in exile, where refugees constitute more than half of the Palestinian people.

Palestine and the Arab-Israeli Conflict. A month later, Arafat declared in Geneva that the PLO would support a solution of the conflict based on these Resolutions. Here they felt as if they had more support from the people living there. It formally is an umbrella organization that includes "numerous organizations of the resistance movement, political parties, and popular organizations.

This requires its escalation, comprehensiveness, and the mobilization of all the Palestinian popular and educational efforts and their organization and involvement in the armed Palestinian revolution. The document further states that "the PNC represents all sectors of the Palestinian community worldwide, including numerous organizations of the resistance movement, political parties, popular organizations and independent personalities and figures from all sectors of life, including intellectuals, religious leaders and businessmen".

Even more extreme units developed within the PLO. London and New Jersey: The insurgency against Israel inside the newly occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip and the international acts of violence failed to garner much success for the PLO, which gradually turned toward political solutions after the early s.

From then, the diplomatic road was prepared.

The Palestinian Liberation Organisation

Israel unilaterally withdrew from the Gaza Strip inprompting Palestinian groups to jockey for power. The defeat discredited the Arab states, and Palestinians sought greater autonomy in their struggle with Israel. Arafat held the position until his death in November This transfer was originally to have taken place over a five-year interim period in which Israel and the Palestinians were to have negotiated a permanent settlement.

World response was swift, condemning, and slow to recover. Following negotiations, PLO forces evacuated Beirut and were transported to sympathetic Arab countries. More and more Palestinians were abandoned, and many felt that this was the beginning of the end.

On 8 June, the Ten Point Program was adopted.The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) is undoubtedly one of the most infamous terrorist organizations around the world.

Created in during the Arab League Summit in Cairo, the PLO's originally-stated goal was the "liberation of Palestine" through armed struggle while seeking to destroy the existence of Zionism in the Middle East.

Dictionary entry overview: What does Palestine Liberation Organization mean? • PALESTINE LIBERATION ORGANIZATION (noun) The noun PALESTINE LIBERATION ORGANIZATION has 1 sense.

1. a political movement uniting Palestinian Arabs in an effort to create an independent state of Palestine; when formed in it was a terrorist organization. Sep 13,  · Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), Arabic Munaẓẓamat al-Taḥrīr Filasṭīniyyah, umbrella political organization claiming to represent the world’s Palestinians—those Arabs, and their descendants, who lived in mandated Palestine before the creation there of the State of Israel in 12 days ago · The Trump administration says it is closing the office of the Palestine Liberation Organization in Washington, D.C., effectively shuttering the Palestinian diplomatic mission to the U.S.

The Palestine Liberation Organization was created on May 29,at a meeting of the Palestine National Congress in Jerusalem. The Congress' meeting, the first in Jerusalem since the Arab-Israeli war, was held at the then-brand new Intercontinental Hotel.

PALESTINE LIBERATION ORGANIZATION (plo), Palestinian organization founded in May at a Palestinian Congress held in East Jerusalem (then under Jordanian rule) following intensive efforts of Ahmad al-Shuqeiri, until then the representative of the Palestinian Arabs in the League of Arab States.

An overview of the palestine liberation organization
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