An overview of the views of islam on social responsibility

It is narrated from Imam Baqir peace be upon him in Wasail al-Shia: During the night, he was immersed in worship and prayer; and in the day, he served humanity with everything he had and all he could offer. Even more importantly perhaps, how do our individual beliefs and actions measure against the convictions of this ideal society?

The extensive humanitarian and social welfare activities of the Aga Khan Development Network are, thus, an expression, in our contemporary world, of concerns that are fundamental and integral to the faith of Islam.

Whether this is because Western values are basically false or that some form of dry rot has infected our communications media, the fact remains that we are facing a real crisis throughout the Western world.

Be humble before them, Ali urges him, and do not ignore them out of haughtiness and pride, a luxurious life should not keep you away from them". For example, daily acts of worship like prayer are strongly recommended in congregation, even if there was only but two people.

But in order for the afore-mentioned to arise, we must first strengthen the bonds that hold together a community.

Social Responsibility in Islam

He reverted to Islam at the age of This covered less than one century: In addition to being a safe haven for the early Muslims, Medinite society is pictured as an emphatic contrast to the avaricious, materialistic and inward looking society of pre-Islamic Makkah.

It would be appropriate here to mention an excerpt from the convocation address His Highness the Aga Khan gave at the University of Peshawar on November 30, In the end, we would do well to contemplate deeply about the following tradition by the Holy Prophet s: Furthermore, he advises his Governor to make special efforts in identifying social outcasts who, on account of their unsightly appearance and extremely low position in society, are not even in a position to come forward and ask for assistance.

One of the most important social obligations that Muslims have is enjoining the good and forbidding the evil. We Muslims know God; we meet Him five times a day at least, and while we are on our knees before Him.

Such questions are inescapable for those who wish to witness the promised rule of the final proof, Imam Al-Mahdi atf.

He has been studying in the Islamic seminaries in Qom and Beirut since We can openly, as Muslims, perform actions that are smiled upon in the society as well as in Islam to show people that Muslims are good people.

This act in itself improves the society, because people who want to commit a sin lose their audacity to commit it openly. Although seemingly abstract, the implications of this battle have permeated into virtually every sphere of our lives. I pray that Imam Zamana may Allah hasten his reappearance helps us and guides us in this regard.

Acts of worship without this foundation are bound to fall as well. I want to enjoin the good and forbid the evil. They are not arbitrary negatives that can be surgically isolated from a wider context.Islam and Social Responsibility Ali Jawad February 4, Lifestyle & Culture 2, Views As Muslims we often overlook how embedded social connotations are in our lives.

the view of Islam and makes a comparison between the Islamic thought and some scientific theories. Results Overview of Some Theories on Environmental Responsibility Instrumental theories assume that the sole social responsibility of the organisation is wealth creation.

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0 ISLAM & SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Presented by: Mehreen Omer The scope of social responsibility in Islam • The individual members of society should work together • Embraces all the needs of the society and its members • Extends to humanity • Mutual responsibility 3.

Social Responsibility as Explained in the Qur'an by Dr. Ali S. Asani Ali Asani (AKH ) was the recipient of one of His Highness the Aga Khan's personal scholarships while studying at Harvard.

is one and only one social responsibility of business – to use its resources and to engage in activities designed to increase its profit so long as it stays within the rules of the game, which is to say, engages in open and free competition without deception and fraud ”.

What Does Islam Say about Corporate Social Responsibility? Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki an overview of CSR doctrine and answers to why CSR has become such a and Section 5 provides a criticism of the Western views on CSR.

The Islamic alternativeto the Western theoreticalconstructs ofCSRandthe implications.

An overview of the views of islam on social responsibility
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