Early marriage and education

One-third of girls are married before age In nearly every case, the beginning of a marriage spells the end of an education. Early marriage forces girls into adulthood and, frequently, motherhood before they are emotionally or physically mature.

What can be done to curb this practice? Safe schools a priority for girls In Yambio, the gender gap in primary education closed by 30 per cent between and The second approach relies on econometric techniques to jointly model the decisions to marry and go to school.

The incidence of child marriage varies substantially between regions and countries. This implies that policies and programs aiming to eliminate or curb the practice must adapt to local circumstances. Why does child marriage remain so prevalent in many countries?

But again, recognizing that traditions and culture play an important role in the persistence of the practice, and enabling traditional and faith leaders to be part of the discussion, are also crucial.

Several socio-cultural factors appear to contribute to the persistence of the practice. They think we should be married. Overall, eliminating child marriage truly requires multi-sectoral policies that go beyond education alone. UNICEF addresses early marriage as part of a broader approach of building a "protective environment" for children which shelters them from this type of exploitation.

Better and safer job opportunities for girls may also reduce child marriage substantially, as may better access to basic infrastructure water, electricitywhich frees up time spent doing domestic chores and thereby facilitates schooling.

Once married, girls often do not go back to school. Healthy relationship education involves teaching skills and principles. But it is the threat of violence that preoccupies her most. Qualitative and survey data suggest that the root causes of child marriage include gender roles and social expectations, prevailing interpretations of faith traditions whether those are correct or not — these interpretations are often not the same everywhereand the fear of pregnancy before marriage.

Yet there are also major differences between areas within countries in the incidence of child marriage and the reasons for its persistence. In addition, some states and countries have piloted cash or in-kind transfers conditional on not getting married, with positive impacts.

This practice is driven by poverty, cultural and social norms, and pervasive discrimination against girls. There is compelling evidence that healthy marriage has extraordinary social and economic benefits for both parents and children.

It should not be confused with, or used in place of, counseling or therapy. Yet for most girls here, the challenges remain immense. Early marriage can have harmful consequences for children — including health problems, spousal abuse and the denial of education.

By contrast, one in five adolescent girls is already a mother. In southern Sudan, a teenage girl is far more likely to be a wife than a student.

Eliminating Child Marriage to Boost Girls’ Education

When asked what would make the school a better place, Jackline replies without hesitation. Healthy marriage and relationship education promotes family safety and is not about forcing couples to marry or to stay in unhealthy relationships.Child marriage is associated with lower levels of schooling for girls in every region of the world and is a barrier to international development goals.

1 A lost opportunity for education is. The causality runs both ways: child marriage reduces educational attainment, and, conversely, girls with less access to quality education are more likely to marry early.

Research About Healthy Marriage and Relationship Education

Child marriage often constitutes a violation of the rights of girls who are encouraged or even forced to marry early. Early marriage and education, the chicken or the egg? Nov 19, Palestinians with Israeli citizenship and residents of East Jerusalem enjoy the Beach on the border of Tel Aviv and Jaffa, July Early marriage makes completing education almost impossible for girls The relationship between child marriage and educational attainment for girls is also strong.

In most developing countries, it is extremely difficult for girls to remain in school once they get married. Country Report September Shaping policy for development killarney10mile.com Early marriage and education: the complex role of social norms in shaping Ethiopian adolescent girls’ lives.

About Healthy Marriage & Relationship Education Research has shown that healthy relationships are crucial to achieving safety, stability, and self-sufficiency. Healthy marriage and relationship education focuses on building skills such as communication, conflict management, parenting, and financial literacy.

Early marriage and education
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