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In truth, the little Puritans—some of the least tolerant children who ever lived—had gotten a vague idea that there was something bizarre and unnatural about this mother and child.

The reflection of the armor finally makes her realize that the scarlet letter is really what scares people away from her. At home, Pearl did not need a wide and varied circle of friends. I can focus on finishing up those last final details now.

I think that her reflection being shown in the brook is a metaphor for how Pearl divides and yet connects Hester forest and Dimmesdale society.

She was almost unnaturally active, jumping up and dancing about, then sinking down, exhausted by such rapid, fevered imaginings until others took their place. It appalled her, nevertheless, to discern here, again, a shadowy reflection of the evil that Hester reflection existed in herself.

Mother and daughter stood together, excluded from human society.

Family, Friends & Fellow Officers Remember...

She is an "angel of judgement," an "infant pestilence. She is constant motion with "rich and luxuriant beauty. Pearl becomes quiet out of curiosity about the men who are coming down the path.

With nowhere else to turn, Hester begs Dimmesdale to speak for her and her child. Pearl is fascinated by the armor.

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They understand that both child and badge function as reminders of sin and as protections against further sin. His father and mine were brothers. I am so stinking picky I wanted it to fit what I needed exactly.

This will probably take the place of this binder for this year. Full disclosure, we are some of those people that love our animals way too much. The magic of life sprung out from her spirit, communicating with a thousand things around her like a torch igniting everything it touches.

He is inspiring, positive, and a world class leader. But Pearl, with no other children to play with, relied far more on the hordes she imagined. Reaching up with her little hand, she grasped at it and smiled with a certain gleam that made her look like a much older child.

Hawthorne makes use of the reflection motif in order to show the true character of his characters. The governor and his cronies arrive, and Pearl lets out an eerie scream.

So glad that big, looming test is out of the way! Also more good news!!!! Some of the townspeople, apparently including the governor, have come to suspect Pearl of being a sort of demon-child.

Never planned on that happening, just a fun coincidence! Thank you to all that have written wonderful things here. The wide variety of ways she used her imagination was remarkable and truly random.When she points out her mother’s reflection in it, Hester is horrified to see that the scarlet letter dominates the reflection.

Pearl begins to scream for a rose from the bush outside the window, but she is quieted by the entrance of a group of men. Hester sees Pearl's reflection in the brook which divides and yet connects society and the forest. I think that her reflection being shown in the brook is a metaphor for how Pearl divides and yet connects Hester (forest) and Dimmesdale (society.).

But even so, Hester was appalled to detect in her daughter a reflection of the evil that had existed in herself. Pearl had inherited all of this hatred and passion, as if by right, directly from Hester’s heart.

What is Hester shocked by when she looks at the reflection in Bellingham's suit of armor? According to Hester, who can remove the scarlet letter from her chest? God. What keeps Hester from explaining to Pearl the real meaning of the scarlet letter?

She decides Pearl is too young. Jessie Hester. Labels: dilation, Interactive Notebook, reflection, rotation, similar figures, transformations, translation.

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Hester reflection
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