How brand awareness helps a company to gain competitive advantages essay

I believe that studying in this school will help me to get prepared in my area of interest which will tend to increase my efficiency in professional career or to further continue my study by getting a doctoral degree in VLSI designs.

During this phase, the thrust shifts towards enlisting non-users or creating new uses to maintain and increase the market share. Furthermore, 5W consist of who, what, where, when, why and how aspects of the research answers can be defined.

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This involves observation of tangible situation, formulation of hypothesis, collection and category of data, explanation of data, formulation of principles, adoption of facts and forecast. Create Communication to enter the Consideration Set Once the brand promise has been defined and the competitive advantage crystallized, brand communication is initiated.

Build Relevance in the Competitive Context The question of relevance is however not so widely discussed.

If I am to name another academic interest of mine, I would like to mention telecommunication and related studies. It examined qualitatively and relied on subjective judgment.

This is the period when volumetric growth finally becomes stagnant and actually starts showing a decline. As a result, it is necessary to understand how our brand offers a competitive advantage to prospective buyers. Emphasise cash flow maximisation rather than the building of market share; concentrate on a harvesting strategy which shall include: I used to have personal interest in various engineering softwares such as Matlab, Pspice and Microwind in the earlier period of my undergraduate course.

I have worked with Mr. Assuming that an innovation so achieved has certain distinct features which customers accept as favourable, sales will grow, though initially at a slow rate.

How Brand Awareness Helps a Company to Gain Competitive Advantages Essay Sample

Those questions involved gender and age only. The purpose of this analysis is to help researchers to detect sample characteristics that may influence their conclusion. At times, we tend to forget that the customer has options and is continuously evaluating them. It is best to keep the message simple, focused on what they have to offer and channel all efforts to create baseline awareness.

As a result, the competition gets fiercely intense, and the gain of one company normally takes place at the expense of other players. In order to attack the leader severely and comprehensively, the attacker can adopt one or more of the following strategies: Porter has suggested the following strategies for dealing with declining businesses: Hamel and Prahalad have provided an alternative concept of an organisation with a diversified product-mix and stated that while core competencies provide the basic foundation for product and business leadership, a banner brand acts as the roof within which such products and businesses flourish.

A strong distribution network offering differential advantages not only enables a firm to enjoy competitive advantages, but it also gives the firm an opportunity to leverage the channel by pushing through more and more new products across the same.Coach’s competitive advantage has proven to yield a sustainable competitive advantage.

When it comes to anticipating fashion trends, Coach has 1 / 3 proven to be successful. Each year Coach interviews its customers through Internet questionnaires, phone surveys, and face-to-face encounters with shoppers at its stores.

Emirate Airline has gained a lot of publicity across the world. The company has been able to gain a large portion of the market because of the strategies it has formulated in the past few years.

The significant size of the company has also contributed to the competitive advantage of the airline.

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The company has succeeded in attracting royal customers. In growth markets, however, a company can undertake brand-building activities, if it has inherent strengths and resources in all the key functional areas.

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Importance of Distribution Network of a Firm: Like brands, an effective distribution network gives a firm distinct competitive advantages over its competitors. View Essay - Mission Statement from MGT at Marshall University. to gain the competitive advantage over the other companies in our industry and to gain brand awareness for our products.

We believe the role of marketing is to create awareness of brand promise, help sell a brand’s offering or to build goodwill over a period of time. A brand cannot grow if its leaders ignore the competitive context and the customer’s perspective of how the brand stacks up against the other players in the market.

Essay about How Brand Awareness Helps a Company to Gain Competitive Advantages Engineering since I was in high school. I have cherished a dream to pursue my career as an electrical engineer and I was enrolled in the department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering in Ahsanullah University of Science & Technology in the year

How brand awareness helps a company to gain competitive advantages essay
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