How to write a legal memo with two issues

Note as you read this section how the writer fleshes out the facts, holding, and reasoning of the Schenectady Stove Co.

Preparing a legal memorandum

R The second step is to determine the applicable legal rule. The short answer should function as a roadmap to help readers feel oriented when they move on to the discussion. The introductory section should summarize and synthesize the rule, setting out all subparts of the rule and clarifying how they relate to one another.

However, the defendant has to demonstrate that the delay caused the prejudice claimed. Similarly, in Lovett, a department store advertised that it would sell, deliver, and install certain "wellknown standard makes of radio receivers at 25 per cent.

As a general rule, include no citations. The discussion of each issue should include an introduction, an explanation of the applicable legal rule, an application of the rule to the legal problem, and a conclusion in respect of that issue.

Remember that the ultimate goal of legal citations is to ensure your reader can easily find any of the material you reference. All factual information that later appears in the discussion section of the memorandum should be described in the facts section. The question should be sufficiently narrow and should be objective.

Hence, it was not possible for the defendant to make a valid contract by mere acceptance of a "proposition. The headings of your sections should correspond to the element of the rule that you will be analyzing within that section. The balanced description of law and fact that you provide in the question presented should be mirrored in the short answer.

Issue Statements or Questions Presented

The most effective style is to use a thesis sentence or paragraph that not only indicates what the issue is, but tells the reader briefly what your conclusion is on the issue. You may find there are different lines of cases, each resulting in a different formulation of the rule.

Typically, you will organize your discussion of the legal rule into subsections that correspond to the elements of the legal rule. Date memo is turned in RE: Activity Try your hand at using 4 issue statement formats.

Preferably, the heading will be your Conclusion to that issue, phrased as a complete sentence. The jar fell and the marbles rolled everywhere.

This is not to say that you should omit facts that have an emotional impact.

This statement is the most accurate and neutral. Edwards, Legal Writing and Analysis Aspen Office Memo Format and Explanation. This handout sets out a short description of one way to put together an office memorandum. The format and structure may differ somewhat from law office to law office (and, here in law school, from professor to professor).

Once you are in practice, you can adjust the format to your office's. A typical memo includes five sections: (1) Issue, (2) Brief Answer, (3) Facts, (4) Discussion, and (5) Conclusion.

This is the best way to approach learning to draft effective legal. 12) Since memo writing is predictive writing, you should try to maintain an objective and impartial tone as you recount the facts. This is not to say that you should omit facts that have an emotional impact.

Just as each legal case is decided within the confines of the facts of that case, a legal memorandum is intended to address the narrow legal issue raised by a particular problem. If there is more than one issue to be addressed, list the issues in the order in which you will be discussing them in the memorandum.

Jul 02,  · How to Write a Legal Memo Five Parts: Organizing the Facts Researching the Law Assembling the Argument Drafting the Memo Polishing the Memo Community Q&A A legal memorandum is a document written by a lawyer for the benefit of a client%(22).

Don’t spend all day researching an issue when the lawyer who asked for the memo needs it for a call with a client in two hours. Or if the lawyer is going to be out of town for a week and won’t look at the memo until they get back, you don’t need to kill yourself getting it done or neglect other assignments you might have.

How to write a legal memo with two issues
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