How to write am pm correctly

So what do you do? I did a quick internet search and found all kinds of answers. One compromise is to kern the space tighter so it leaves less of a gap.

I find that 2: Please deliver the package by August 1st.

How should you write a.m. and p.m.?

When written with the minutes, I find 9: The last outbreak of smallpox occurred in the late seventies. When placed after a double-digit hour, like Formats Consider the format of the time portion.

They form a long string of numbers and letters plus a colon which give birth to one unwieldy chunk of text. But take that away and the point becomes clear that 7: Skip the issue altogether by using a better format—this leads right into our final issue.

So why use either one? Skip the periods, especially in lists of times or series of times. Which is better, 2: Please arrive by Some writers spell out the time of day, others prefer numbers.

Some put a space after the numeral, others do not. But for body copy and website copy, few people are willing to invest that much time and attention. The simple answer is that including the colon and minutes is almost always going to be the best way to go. This comes down to readability, comprehension, and professionalism.

But you may just as well argue that including a full space between looks too disjointed. If one time includes the minutes, all times should include the minutes. Both solutions are troublesome. But what if you skip the minutes? The event runs from 9: Can you get here by midnight? Running them together is rarely the way to go.

Do 9pm and 10am look best or are 9 pm and 10 am the way to go?This article is not about the correct way to write AM and PM. I did a quick internet search and found all kinds of answers. There are some style guides that are very specific in their answers, but those specific guidelines change from one guide to another.

AM / PM May 16, Occasionally computer programs encourage you to write “AM” and “PM” without a space before them, but others will misread your data if you omit the space.

The nonstandard habit of omitting the space is spreading rapidly, and should be avoided in formal writing. I also write AM and PM without the periods or the spaces.

AM or a.m., PM or p.m.: Do I Capitalize AM and PM?

I always thought that writing A.M. or a.m. or P.M. or p.m. was not the correct way of writing that. I guess I am an old stick in the mud, and since I hate change, or newer ways of doing things, I am going to stick with writing AM and PM.

I used to think PM/AM was correct, but at some point, I switched to using p.m./a.m. for reasons I can't recall. I know that in practical, casual writing, people tend to use whatever form is most convenient to them, but I'm curious about what the official usage—should it exist—actually is. With “working 9 to 5,” you don’t need “AM/PM” because it is an expression and the “AM/PM” is understood.

If, however, you say, “He needs to be at work by 10,” you would want to clarify morning vs. evening. Many parts of the world are moving from standard time to daylight-saving time (also called summer time) this week, so I thought it would be a good time to talk about the phrase “daylight-saving time” and time in general.

How to write am pm correctly
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