Learning styles activities

Your senses tell you what something looks like, tastes like, feels like, and so forth. If you were to do this project again, what might you do differently? Some examples might be good health or New York City.

With your eyes closed, try to find your apple using all of your senses. I sometimes get into trouble because I finish assignments at the last minute.

For example, thinking helps you to understand the parts of an apple and what their functions are. The second part of the quiz challenges students to give examples of famous persons with the different intelligences. Barb used the questions in Figure 6. One particularly effective way to use tasks in style is to assign tasks that have to do with learning styles as content.

Intuition also helps you to symbolize things. At least one example from each category is required. Answer the questions honestly.

Learning Styles

They can return to their original number groups and share their MI results. Give these individuals the chance to use photography and videography in sharing what he or she has learned; let him or her make three-dimensional models or paint murals to show what they know.

Whom do you agree with, Sam or his father? The father, Sam, or Tim? It is located at the end of the chapter in the printed text. As a variation, set a time limit and give a prize to the group with the most examples. Projects that involve rapping or singing as a means of communicating learning are ideal for this mode of intelligence.

The goal of this task is to determine how the lessons learned about the self might be applied to the next project. Today we will learn how we use our four functions to learn about an apple. Self-Expressive Learner Other kids usually like to have me on their project team because I always have lots of ideas.

Using this grid, you can identify the predominant multiple intelligences in your class.

Have students look at their highest scores on the multiple intelligences activity and write down at least two crystallizers they experienced that may have helped you to develop these intelligences.

For example, use music in the classroom and find ways to involve bodily-kinesthetic types in learning. Answer with what comes to mind first; do not overanalyze your answers. What is the meaning of the poem?

Experience has taught us that students who understand the models are better able to understand their own learning profiles, to develop flexibility and adaptability in their thinking, and to set realistic goals about minimizing learning weaknesses and maximizing strengths.

Of course, the more ideas we can come up with, and the crazier they are, the better for me.


If people give me a chance to compare choices and make my own decisions, I usually make the right one. A lot like me. There usually are many similarities.

Chapter Teaching Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences to Students

Put their responses on the grid. Use this exercise for small group discussion. This method asks students to complete four tasks while simultaneously reflecting on their style preferences and dislikes. This is called intuition. Then have students group themselves by ranges as in an IQ scale. Rank the four characters according to their similarity to you: List at least three reasons.

As a follow-up, have the students complete the MI Advantage.

For example, after reading a story, Barb Heinzman asks her students questions about what they remember Masteryquestions that require explaining and proving Understandingquestions that require the use of their imagination Self-Expressiveor questions that invite students to reflect on and share their feelings Interpersonal.Examples Of Bringing Game-Based Learning And Adult Learning Styles Together Visual Learners.

A physical representation of the tasks that need to be completed. A list or infographic. A physical representation of tasks as they’re completed and progress is made. Visual Learning Style: Strategies & Activities Visual Learning Style.

The visual learning style, Other learning styles are auditory and kinesthetic. It is important for educators to understand the differences in their students’ learning styles, so that they can implement best practice strategies into their daily activities, curriculum and assessments.

Lively learning style activities can be incorporated into any classroom while meeting the needs of all types of learners. As a teacher, this is one of your biggest challenges. Make learning fun again for everyone! Browse Activities and Learning Styles content selected by the eLearning Learning community.

Teaching Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences to Students. Many teachers who use learning styles and multiple intelligences in their classrooms wonder how important it is for students to know about these models.

Soon the students were able to analyze activities and diagnose their own learning styles and profiles. Of course, four-style.

Learning styles activities
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