Mass media for environmental awareness

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Nature writing Nature writing is the genre with the longest history in environmental communication. Environmental awareness is strategic communication process to promote the knowledge of environment, keep people up to date about catastrophic impacts of human development and help them to know about sustainable development.

In the natural history essay, "the main burden of the writing is to convey pointed instruction in the facts of nature," such as with the ramble-type nature writing of John Burroughs Lyon Now the coverage of environmental issues is in the policy of media coverage. Media is playing role but not to the extent which satisfy the need of community peoples.

Similarly, although many English newspapers are now carrying more and more features on environmental issues, they are usually superficially researched and poorly written.

This is the time which demands us to deliver the sensitivity of environmental issues to the masses particularly among youth. Farhan Ahmad, Regional Ambassador to Pakistan. Most nature writing and some science writing falls within the scope of environmental literature.

Often, environmental literature is understood to espouse care and concern for the environment, thus advocating a more thoughtful and ecologically sensitive relationship of man to nature.

While there is a great deal of overlap among the various genres within environmental communication, they are each deserving of their own definition.

Popular science Science writing is writing that focuses specifically on topics of scientific study, generally translating jargon that is difficult for those outside a particular scientific field to understand into language that is easily digestible.

Environmental journalism

This can only be true on the conditions that first, mass media are accessible to large proportions of the population, second, are spending some time on environmental issues and third, people are interested in information on ecological issues provided by the media so that they view or listen to the corresponding programs as well as read newspaper articles or other written publications dealing with environmental issues source: Not all science writing falls within the bounds of environmental communication, only science writing that takes on topics relevant to the environment.

Outdoor literature Environmental literature is writing that comments intelligently on environmental themes, particularly as applied to the relationships between man, society and the environment.

In the philosophical interpretation of nature, the content is similar to that of the natural history and personal experience essays, "but the mode of presentation tends to be more abstract and scholarly" Lyon From the issues like pollution to the climate change, the media had been playing a vital role in creating awareness and raise issues to the pertaining topic of environment.

Environmental journalism pulls from the tradition and scope of nature writing. Environmental advocacy can be present in any of the aforementioned genres of environmental communication.

Media is also helping the people and civil society group to raise the issues and keep people aware. Respondents belonging to both localities Dharampura and Model Town almost have the knowledge of environment but the most contributing factors in this regards are educational institutes and then media.

It is currently debated whether environmental journalism should employ techniques of environmental advocacy. In his book, This Incomparable Land: Environmental journalism also pulls from the tradition and scope of science writing. Environmental journalism can include, but is not limited to, some of the following topics: Respondents belonging to the vicinity of Model Town Community Selected where people living with more than average lifestyle: Most environmental documentaries shown on TV today attract few viewers because of the academic or pedantic manner in which they are presented.

Heritage interpretation Environmental interpretation is a particular format for the communication of relevant information.Keywords— Environmental awareness, mass media, rural development.

I. INTRODUCTION GRICULTURE is the mainstay of the Indian economy and approximately half of the Indian population still gets their livelihood directly from agriculture. Most of India's poor. Perspective of pollution and use of mass media in environmental awareness for The Upper Lake: A case study.

Introduction. South Asia, home to over one-fifth of. Jun 06,  · Role of Media in creating Environmental awareness or issues towards climate change Posted June 6, by Komali in Climate Change. Tagged: Climate Change, mass media, media, press, television. Role of Mass Media in Creating Environmental Awareness - Ambassador report - Our Actions - Tunza Eco Generation.

Abstract In this paper, we inquire into the role of news media in forming the public awareness of global environmental problems and in facilitating pro-environmental behavior of individuals, by analyzing survey data and newspaper articles in Japan. We find that public awareness of the global environment has been kept at high level since The mass media considered here trying to explain environmental awareness are newspapers, radio and television due to the fact that these are the most widely and frequently used modern mass media in both India and Germany.

Mass media for environmental awareness
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