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As I walked through the maze of the crowd I noticed so many people wearing similar band t-shirts, eyeliner, black skinny jeans, beanies, and Dr. The first painting states, "In trying to be different" Nonconformity thesis two green people and one blue person.

They also change just for the sake of change or to purposely try to become a nonconformist. The nonconformists that I see are just obsessed with being apart from the norm and tend to question and criticize anything popular and counteract it.

After his displeasing trip, he tries to change the way things are run. People need to find the deeper reason for why they portray themselves the way that they do and why they go against societal norms. Many of the music from the bands Nonconformity thesis I heard that day sounded very similar instrumentally and lyrically.

The continuation of the painting symbolizes how people who claim to be nonconformists obsess with being different and follow these set standards of nonconformity that I discussed in my essay. Love, and it is a love that they seemingly oppose and resist, but that they ultimately succumb to, and this love serves as the reason for their transformations.

The one blue person represents the nonconformist in the group of green people. The two paintings below connect to my essay by providing a visual element that implicates my thesis and thoughts.

Conformity Vs. Nonconformity Essay

What if the next sentence were: Styles like these have become trends themselves whether or not they are deemed as popular, because they have many followers.

To go above and beyond displays a true thinker, someone worth remembering for what they believed- a nonconformist.

It is hypocritical to teach what you do not follow, but it is even more of a travesty to carry on the prevailing standard of nonconformity and to imprint it on to people who are searching for their unique identity. In this essay, I focused on developing a deep idea in my thesis that got readers thinking and questioning themselves.

It does not, however, distinguish among the three characters.

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To conform is an easy task for Nonconformity thesis simple minded. This thesis is substantially more probing and reflective than the previous two. If you are overly excited or ambitious, take a Soma. If you feel sad, take a Soma. These people in our society are usually titled nonconformists.

All in all, nonconformity for the sake of nonconforming is still conformity. I also tried to support this thesis with by supporting it with direct evidence and ideas.

A lot of names that mean one thing: In 1H4, characters choose whether they will conform to existing standards and values. Many people, including myself, aim to go against and question these ideals. The second painting is a continuation of the previous one and finishes the sentence by saying, "we become the same" under three shades of blue people.

What if this sentence were added: I used three shades of blue for the people for the same reason that I did the green people in the first painting.

I propose that in these plays, as well as in life, a walk down the path of conformity is one that leads individuals into a world where they know little of their own interests and values and find it difficult to think with an open mind about life and their place in society.

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Yes, it's good to be with people who agree with you, and a lot of people probably have the same ideals on nonconformity, but joining a movement simply because you want to be a nonconformist like the rest of the people in the movement definitely defeats the purpose of it. As the American columnist and author, Bill Vaughn, once said, "If there is anything the nonconformist hates worse than a conformist, it’s another nonconformist who doesn’t conform to the prevailing standard of nonconformity.” Vaughn mentions this “standard” of nonconformity which is adored in our society today.

- Nonconformity is defined as failure or refusal to conform, as with established customs, attitudes, or ideas. A nonconformist is a person or thing that chooses not to conform to established customs or ideas.

Nonconformity thesis
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