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However, his military reforms helped to create a modernized army that would defeat the renowned Swedish forces in the Northern wargaining Estonia, Latvia, and the sea fortress that would become St.

However, Peter was not able to undertake these major changes in the military administration without the funding that came from direct taxation, which would later help pay for other reforms. You can order a custom essay, term paper, research paper, thesis or dissertation on Peter The Great topics at our professional custom essay writing service which provides students with custom papers written by highly qualified academic writers.

Get professional essay writing help at an affordable cost. Peter felt it was necessary for Russia to become westernized, if it was to become modernized.

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Peter did not nominate a patriarchy, or the head of the Church, and inhe placed the powers and functions of the Patriarch in the hands of a commission, which was known as the Holy Synod.

All of the taxing that Peter imposed was a negative action he had taken. He modernized the calendar, simplified numerals, and the Russian alphabet.

His changes allowed for the development of Russian culture and intellectualism. Peter managed to modernize Russia without borrowing money from the country, so Peter imposed heavy taxes on the citizens, because European men usually were clean shaven, he even taxed Russians wearing beards.

Petersburg came to be known as the model European, baroque-style city. While creating an efficient military, Peter also subordinated the nobles and the church, allotting him total control of the state. Central government, the central government advised Peter, Peter thought that these reforms of government helped in the modernization of Russia.

This system of meritocracy, made the nobility dependent on service and not on birth. Compulsory education became a requirement of nobles, which helped them become educated in martial combat.

Peter the Great Essay Sample

He promoted the learning of science and mathematics and set up common schools for imparting training in these subjects.

He made men shave, and outlawed long Asian robes. After creating a large standing army, the Tsar needed to create a navy that could hold its own at sea. This westernization that the Tsar encouraged helped boost the economy, and allowed the gradual emersion of a stronger Russia.

Around the same time, Peter also attempted to industrialize the economy.

Peter had not only military reforms, but also social and domestic reforms that helped shape Russia as a power in Europe.Tsar Peter was born in to Tsar Alexis and Natalya.

Peter the great was his self-given title, officially he was Peter I. Peter was one of. Peter the Great, a giant of a man, starting his reign over Russia at a young age, almost single handedly moved Russia from a medieval, isolated culture to be a major European power.

He developed a modern military and created a navy. Peter was able to move his society towards a European culture by the force of his will. Aug 29,  · Words: Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: Peter the Great and the Petrine Reforms The reforms of Peter the Great, or the Petrine Reforms, changed the character of Russia to a much more administrative and secular one from the religious character that it had assumed hithertofore.

Essay on Peter the Great - Peter the Great was born on June 9, However, according to the Old Style calendar he was born on May 30, He was the son of father Tsar Alexis and mother Natalya Kirillovna Naryshkina. When Peter was four years old, his father Tsar Alexis died and was succeeded by Peter’s half-brother Fydor III.

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Peter the Great Essay Sample Tsar Peter I, also known as Peter the Great, ruling Russia from toimplemented major military and domestic reforms that centralized Russia and increased its role in Europe.

Peter the great essay example
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