Success of flipkart

Today the company works with more than suppliers. Initially, the business was stated with the sole purpose of selling online books.

Flipkart SuccessStory

So what Flipkart had to do was to instill trust and faith in their customers. It started out as an online bookseller in but later expanded to electronics and digital music.

Most of us know the success and recognition enjoyed by Flipkart, however, very few of us may be aware how they achieved this grand success. Flipkart is something which has really opened up the Indian e-commerce market and that also in a big way.

Flipkart also grew via acquisition. I picked Flipkart and here are the reasons I think it succeeded — your thoughts? Flipkart customers are more happy than with some of their competitors like Tradus. - The Success Saga

Flipkart recently launched a series of 3 ads with the tag line - "No Kidding No worries". The bigger you grow, tougher the challenges you face and harder it becomes to overcome them.

To allay consumer concerns, the platform introduces Next Day Shipping Guarantee and also launches PayZippyan online payments solution for merchants and customers.

India’s Best Known Startup Story – The Journey of Flipkart !

Sachin wants Flipkart to be that company. We would not want to go back to the days when parents would want their kids to only work in big companies Success of flipkart against scrappy startups. It needs to keep introducing more products, adapting to the changing needs of the customer with time.

However, to improve their service levels and ensure better control on the customer experience, Flipkart did what no other player in India had attempted earlier — they set up their own delivery service. It is arguably the online retailer with the biggest marketshare in its sector with sales of 20 items per minute.

The Flipkart rub-off was showing. Flipkart is one of those rare firms, who created revolution in the world of e-commerce. Sachin recalls how he and Binny used to stand outside Gangaram Book Stores, Banglore and hand over Flipkart bookmarks to only those who were coming out with books in hands; to ensure that their target was correct.

I would not be surprised if the new company offers its services on hire to other e-commerce players in India in the future.

But again Indian market is growing at a rapid pace as access to internet increases and people become more aware of e-commerce sites and start trusting the same; hence Indian market is sufficiently big at-least for these two giants to co-exist beneficially. Soon, the company grew bigger and ventured into selling other products such as electronic goods, e-books, stationery supplies, fashion and life style products as well.

PhonePe, launched the previous year, sees rapid adoption thanks to the demonetisation movement, and crosses 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store. And they did exactly the same, will discuss more on how they did so later in the post. A humble beginning from books, Flipkart now has a gamut of products ranging from: Focus on customer service While the other ecommerce players in India were spending heavily on high decibel marketing, Flipkart put its money in customer service.

The deals and discounts offered by the company are a great way to sustain their customers.

Success Story of Flipkart – India’s Most Popular E-Commerce Site

Also, Techstory would give you insights into history and future prospects of the company. Flipkart is a platform that has not only emerged as a successor, but also helped other sellers to gain their desired recognition and fame.

To realize our dreams and that also in such a grand manner is really a tough task.Flipkart success story 1. “The perfecT enTrepreneur” Success story of “the bansal brothers”-owner of (the online megastore) 2.

Lessons from the Flipkart story are less about business strategy and more about character traits. By Gaurav Dalmia. Though Flipkart’s numbers are impressive, even more impressive are the lessons learnt. The first lesson is insight. When Flipkart started ine-commerce was very small and most of it was travel related ticketing.

Success of Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal has defined the millennials as the ‘arbitrage generation’

A quick look into any success story shows a path breaking idea at the heart of the tale. Flipkart is no exception. It is not the idea itself but the conviction to convert ideas into action and action into results is what defines a true success story. Lets discuss the factors that lead to the grand success of Flipkart: 1) They always strove to provide great customer service.

Flipkart customers are more happy than with some of their competitors like,; i have myself experienced this a. The phenomenal success of trading sites such as Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal has helped to define India’s millennials as the ‘arbitrage generation’.

Millennials spend an average of 17 hours.

Flipkart Success Story

Two reputed PE firms Accel Partners and Tiger Capital are its investors. Flipkart sells a book every minutes (till last year). Incredible! What makes Flipkart a super successful ecommerce ecommerce portal? First Mover Advantage: Flipkart still enjoys the top-of-the-mind brand recall as far as buying books is concerned.

Other portals such as Uread .

Success of flipkart
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