The glass menagerie

When Amanda reappears, Jim explains to her also that he is engaged and must go. Tom remembers that on another day his mother decided to stop in at the business college Laura was supposedly attending, only to find that Laura had quit school early in the semester.

Jim told Laura that her singular traits made her special instead of defective. Amanda will have nothing to do with such foolishness, and even though Laura is sick when The glass menagerie gentleman caller arrives, Amanda forces her to open the door.

What she did not know was what Tom had confessed to Jim—the fact that he had sent the money to the Union of Merchant Seamen as a first step toward leaving home.

Williams whose real name was Thomas closely resembles Tom; his mother, Amanda. More and more often, Tom fled to the movies for respite. All four actors were nominated for Emmy Awardswith Moriarty and Miles winning. Rose was left incapacitated and institutionalized for the rest of her life.

When she mentions the name of the gentleman caller, Laura realizes that it is possibly the same Jim on whom she had a crush in high school. At dinner she tells her daughter, Laura, to stay nice and pretty for her gentlemen callers even though Laura has never had any callers and expects none.

They have an argument, and the next morning after Tom apologizes, Amanda asks him to find some nice gentleman caller for Laura and to bring him home for dinner. Later stage productions[ edit ] The Glass Menagerie has had a number of Broadway revivals.

During dinner, the lights went out, and although Amanda carried forth gaily, noting the romance of dining by candlelight, she knew that Tom had failed to pay the electric bill. Amanda is shocked and wonders what they will do with their lives since Laura refuses to try to help and spends all her time playing with her glass menagerie and her old phonograph records.

Amanda performed her magic, however, and when the gentleman caller arrived she had restored not only the Wingfield apartment but also herself to a semblance of former glory.

Amanda remembers the time that she had seventeen gentlemen callers all on one Sunday afternoon. Amanda then tells Laura to practice her shorthand and typing. Television productions[ edit ] The first television version, recorded on videotape and starring Shirley Boothwas broadcast on December 8,as part of CBS Playhouse.

The videotape, long thought to be lost, was reconstructed from unedited takes found in the archives of the University of Southern California and an audio recording of the original telecast.

The Iranian film Here Without Me is also an adaptation of the play, in a contemporary Iranian setting. Amanda went home and confronted Laura, accusing her of deception.

The play ends with Tom some years in the future thinking back on his sister Laura whom he can never forget. Generally the story contains the same plot as the play, with certain sections given more emphasis, and character details edited for example, in the story, Jim nicknames Tom "Slim", instead of "Shakespeare" [6].

Amanda plotted a liaison for Laura while she also attempted to supplement the family income by selling magazine subscriptions. Amanda immediately begins to make rather elaborate plans for the gentleman caller.

As Jim and Laura talk, she loses some of her shyness and becomes rather charming. Amanda decides that they must have a gentleman caller for Laura, and Laura tells her that she has liked only one boy in her whole life, a high school boy named Jim.

The Glass Menagerie Summary

When Tom goes out to the movies that night, Amanda accuses him of doing something else rather than going to the movies every night. The movie titled Akale meaning At a Distancereleased inis directed by Shyamaprasad. Amanda is so stunned that she accuses Tom of deliberately playing a trick on them.

Laura learned that Jim was not married, as she had first thought. Another basis for the play is a screenplay Williams wrote under the title of The Gentleman Caller.

The Glass Menagerie

It was directed by Anthony Harvey. She tells her mother that she might not be able to come for dinner if it is the same one. Later, Amanda sends Jim, the gentleman caller, into the living room to keep Laura company while she and Tom do the dishes.

Laura, disabled from a teenage bout with pleurosis, suffered even greater paralysis from shyness and confessed to her mother that she had spent her hours scheduled for class wandering about the city, taking refuge in the museum, the zoo, and the Jewel Box, a hothouse for exotic plants.

In the documentary Broadway:The Glass Menagerie was too repetitive for my taste, with no actual true plot. With Tom's constant chatter about dreaming and Amanda's prattling endlessly about gentleman callers, it was enough to convey to me the gist of the entire play within the first few pages.

The characters were, I found, ill-developed/5(57). Created Date: 11/24/ PM. The Glass Menagerie is a play first produced in The author, Tennessee Williams, was launched into fame and made victim to the forties’ equivalent of literary paparazzi because of it.

The play revolves around a young man begrudgingly supporting the family his father has abandoned. The Glass Menagerie, Tennessee Williams’ first major play to appear on Broadway, is an autobiographical work.

In it he delineates several personal and societal problems: the isolation of those. Jan 15,  · The original Broadway stage play "The Glass Menagerie" opened at the Playhouse Theatre on Mar 31, and ran for performances.

See more» Goofs As Tom is speaking with Laura in one scene, every time the camera is focused on her, his arms are at his sides in the background. When the camera focuses on him, his arms /10(K). About The Glass Menagerie; Character List Summary and Analysis Scene 1 Scene 2 Scene 3 Scene 4 Scene 5 Scene 6 Scene 7 Character Analysis Amanda Wingfield.

The glass menagerie
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