The heroic character of odyssey

Because there is no guaranty that Odysseus will be able to ascend to the living world, Odysseus is risking his life, just as he did many times over during the Trojan War. Polyphemus, as a Cyclopes, does not feel that he needs to follow Xenia, but in the end is blinded for his treatment of the hero.

He creates his own code of conduct through his adventures. Achilles himself is not a two-dimensional stereotype. When it proves effective, Odysseus lies even to his own familycheats, or steals in ways that we would not expect in an epic hero.

Odysseus as a Hero in ‘The Odyssey’

Achilles, of course, chose the glorious life; therefore, he achieves a kind of immortality through valor and intense, honest devotion to a cause. Polyphemus imprisons Odysseus and his crew and tries to eat them, but Odysseus blinds him through a clever ruse and manages to escape.

This is even more clear when it comes to the case of the suitors. An infant when Odysseus left for Troy, Telemachus is about twenty at the beginning of the story.

She offers Telemachus assistance in his quest to find his father.

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He was later avenged by his son Orestes. It was he who disguised himself as an old beggar and infiltrated the enemy. Read an in-depth analysis of Penelope. Her appreciation of a kindred spirit is considered one of the main reasons why she is so favourable to Odysseus and helps him numerous times on his quest to return to Ithaca and depose of the evil suitors.

When Aeolus grants the Greeks fair winds to Ithaca, Odysseus falls asleep within sight of home, enabling his suspicious, undisciplined crew to open the bag of ill winds and let loose a tempest that blows them off course. She often appears in disguise as Mentor, an old friend of Odysseus.

Homer commends and raises up the scheming and deceptive parts of Odysseus, a side to him that would not normally be seen as heroic.

Odysseus often has only two choices: Amphinomus sometimes speaks up for Odysseus and Telemachus, but he is killed like the rest of the suitors in the final fight.

Read an in-depth analysis of Odysseus. His loyalty towards his allies is a definite trait of a hero. Again Odysseus is made angry, and he clearly shows his dominance over Iros by knocking him out.

The Odyssey

And in this way, he is a hero. The struggles Odysseus faces make his growth as a character more realistic and more credible because it is not simple or absolute. He is a natural obstacle to the suitors desperately courting his mother, but despite his courage and good heart, he initially lacks the poise and confidence to oppose them.

Eurycleia is well informed about palace intrigues and serves as confidante to her masters. This calculation may be seen as cold-hearted, but Homer does not portray it as such.

Odysseus is a great hero from the perspective of Homer. His men prefer to stay, leading to a defeat at the hands of reinforcements. By telling the Phaiakians of his exploits, he gains their respect and admiration and they give him many valuable treasures.

He is confident that he represents virtue even when a modern audience might not be so sure. In Book XVII,when Odysseus returns to Ithaca in the disguise of a beggar, he purposely faces the suitors as a beggar in order to understand what he will face when he finally takes his revenge on those who have defiled his household.Here we come to some the more surprising aspects of Odysseus’s heroic character, details that Homer deliberately makes a core part of his identity.

Firstly, Odysseus is a bard, like Homer himself. Odysseus, in The Odyssey, is much more complicated. He lives by his wiles as well as his courage.

The struggles Odysseus faces make his growth as a character more realistic and more credible because it is not simple or absolute. Previous Book Next Penelope.

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Besides Odysseus, who is the other hero in The Odyssey?

Character List Odysseus - The protagonist of the Odyssey. Odysseus fought among the other Greek heroes at Troy and now struggles to return to his kingdom in Ithaca.

Jul 18,  · The Odyssey | Characters Share. Share. Click to copy Character Description; Odysseus: The protagonist and hero of the book, on a long and arduous journey home from battle.

Context Character Analysis. Cite This Study Guide Have study documents to share about The Odyssey? Upload them to earn free Course Hero. Odysseus demonstrates heroic, god-like qualities throughout The Odyssey.

In one instance, he cleverly tricks and blinds the Cyclops Polyphemus, saving his crew from certain death. Odysseus also.

The heroic character of odyssey
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