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According to many contemporary critics, The Mirror of Simple Souls also features a tacit critique of the patriarchal social order that dominated medieval Europe.

Possession or circulation of the book was likewise punishable by excommunication. Medieval women mystics lived ascetic lives of severe fasting, abstinence, and isolation [14] lifestyle choices that became physically debilitating and in some instances resulted in death. Finally, a relatively straightforward critique of learned theologians as individuals whose knowledge was based upon inferior rational study, rather than mystical comprehension of God, in the pages of The Mirror of Simple Souls forced church inquisitors to action.

The mystic Marguerite Porete was burned for heresy by the inquisition in France in after her text The Mirror of Simple Souls was deemed unorthodox. It is there that she appears to have composed The Mirror of Simple Souls sometime between and Her status as a beguine is largely unquestioned and documentary evidence suggests that Porete probably belonged to the beguinage at Valenciennes.

Textual History The oldest known version of the The Mirror of Simple Souls is a Latin manuscript reputedly dating prior to and preserved at the Vatican but not routinely made available to researchers.

In the early portions of the work, Porete presents a romantic love fable featuring a young princess and her desire for Alexander the Great. We trust it as the essential source of action. A description of one her visions in Book 2 in Sciviasillustrates the form in which divine revelation manifested to her: As we come to understand how much the Divine Beneficence supports us, blesses us, guides us, we can surrender into what is without fear, judgment, or resistance.

Actually, it is the constant inner spiritual work of the more mature human being that not only continues the purification process for the master, but also has its effect on the student. Scholars believe that Porete was a beguine, a devout and educated woman who attended to the spiritual needs of her medieval community without formally taking the religious vows of a nun.

Replete with the logical paradoxes and enraptured passion typically encountered in feminine narratives of mystical union, The Mirror of Simple Souls nevertheless leads to a distinctly unique formulation. We can heal other souls, transform relationships, bring order and harmony into the world by the continual consciousness of, acceptance of, and gratitude for what is.

Everyone is potentially responsible for everyone. The clear heart is the best guide to living. Among these is a fifteenth-century Middle English version one of three surviving copies in this languagewhich is part of a larger manuscript held at the British Library.

This is the meaning of the mysteries of God, that it may be discerned and understood discreetly what that fulness may be, which is without beginning and to which nothing is wanting, who by the most powerful strength plated all the strong places.

Christians can reach heaven by walking across the bridge which requires removing themselves from earthly indulgences and acquiring a love of virtue. Porete remained steadfast at the hearing while several key articles of her work were condemned as heretical.

Egoism contaminates all aspects of human life and must be cleared. A dual trial in conducted by Guillaume de Paris and accompanied by twenty-one theologians from the Sorbonne resulted in the recantation of Guiard de Cressonessart, a beghard male beguine who had previously supported Porete and her book.

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The ultimate happiness of everyone is to love and be loved. Long since forgotten, Porete was first identified by Romana Guarnieri in as the author of The Mirror of Simple Souls, which has since been recognized as a major work of French spiritual literature. And therefore Goodness sees itself by means of his goodness through divine light in the sixth state, by which the Soul is purified.

All of this is possible through the positive action of polishing, purifying, clearing, cleaning what is within us. She was known as a prophet to all her contemporaries such as Bernard of Clairvaux.

Undaunted by this interdiction, Porete continued to preach from and disseminate copies of The Mirror of Simple Souls in a clear affront to church authority. In she experienced the "Showings," which was a mystical experience in which numerous revelations and images were revealed to her at one time.

Little is known of her family background but she lived during the Hundred Years War and Great Schism. These can be expressed simply by the words: Similar to Hildegard of Bingen she dispensed with male ecclesiastic representation. She vowed her virginity to God at the age of seven.

Marler, and Judith Grant in While the beguine movement flourished among the laity of northwestern Europe between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, many of its more outspoken adherents, including Porete, provoked the wrath of church inquisitors charged with eradicating heterodox spiritual teaching in the fourteenth century.

In the remainder of the work, Porete frequently employs the familiar medieval symbolism of the mirror, traditionally used as a symbol for superficiality, narcissism, or vanity.The Soul's Mirror: Reflections on the Fullness of Life by Dana LaMon and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at Mirror Soul, First Edition - AbeBooks.

The Soul's Mirror: Reflections on the Fullness of Life Hardcover – January 15, and a cross reference to other essays in the book that are related. The essays are brief, so that the reader can obtain a bit of inspiration and motivation in just five minutes.

The Soul's Mirror is a window into the life of a blind man living in a 5/5(4).

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Medieval women's mysticism was "a succession of insights and revelations about God that gradually transformed the recipient" according to historian Elizabeth Petroff of Oxford University in her book, Body and Soul. Home / Posts / Sufism / Essays and talks by Kabir Helminski / The Mirror.

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The mirror of souls and other essays
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