Water contamination lab report

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Water Pollution Lab Report

Water used for mixing chemicals should be of appropriate quality. Materials and Methods The first lab experiment is aimed at establishing the ability of laundry detergent, vinegar, and cooking oil to contaminate the ground water.

As water percolates through the soil, living organisms help reduce the amount of contaminants seeping to the water table. If there is reason to question the quality of the water that is provided to livestock, it is important to test the water to ensure its safety.

Need custom written paper? In the vinegar filtration experiment, vinegar was observed to result to a brown coloration of the water. The experiments involved tests on the vegetable oil, vinegar, and liquid laundry detergent contaminants, pointing to the human aspect of water pollution. In the observations, vegetable oil, as a contaminant of ground water, was observed to form a layer of oil covering the surface of water.

The second experiment is sought to look into the ability of filtration techniques in removing and eliminating contaminants in the water treatment and purification procedures.

Protecting Water Quality from Agricultural Runoff. Contents of beaker 4 were left still for the control experiment. The last experiment entailed the testing of the water available in the market for compliance with the minimum standards, as provided for under the Safe Drinking Water Act of the United States.

Some of the bacteria that are spread through water within the United States include E.

Experiment two was sought to establish the efficacy of different methods of filtration, using sand, gravel, and activated charcoal. The contents were compared to those of tap water.

Thirdly, the liquid laundry detergent led to a smell that could be identified in the water before filtration and after the filtration through the soil.

The death and decomposition of the microorganisms releases gases in the water, which in turn percolate into the groundwater; hence, causing its contamination. Certain microorganisms such as blue-green algae, Cryptosporidiumor Staphylococcus, can be toxic to animals and cause symptoms like diarrhea, lack of coordination, labored breathing, or death 6.

It means that vinegar dissolves into the water, forming a solution.

Water Contamination

However, ninety nine percent of the said water is salty, hence, not healthy for human consumption and domestic purposes. Major pollutants of the surface water include gases in the environment, silt that finds its way into the surface water resources, farm chemicals, as well as sewerage and other industrial effluents.

The procedure was followed to allow for the flocculation process to take place. Irrigation Irrigating crops with contaminated water. Client says about us John B. However, the cost of water treatment and purification happens to be prohibitively high, necessitating the need to conserve the water catchment areas for freshwater, and avoid water pollution as much as possible Agarwal, The experiment began by filling four beakers labelled with ml of water, using the graduated cylinder of volume ml.

The filtration of the vinegar and water solution through the soil revealed that the vinegar contaminant did not get filtered by the soil, leading to the conclusion that vinegar as a soluble chemical component had the ability to contaminate both surface and ground water.

Below is a list of the potential food production points where contaminated water sources can affect crop production:Water Quality and Contamination.

Rough Draft of the Final Lab Report. You are required to develop a rough draft for your Final Lab Report, which covers all three experiments for “Lab 2: Water Quality and Contamination.”To begin, carefully review the instructions for your Final Lab Report assignment located within Week Five.

Final Lab Report Water Quality and Contamination Rachel Hewitt SCI Dependence of Man on the Environment Professor Andrea Van Gunst May 16, ABSTRACT All lab experiments were conducted in Windham, New York. with the chief reason for such low standards in water quality being contamination by pollutants that originate from various.

Lab 2 How to Write a Lab Report Lab 8: Water Quality and Contamination 83 It is no secret that water is one of the most valuable resources on planet Earth. Every plant and animal requires water to survive, not only for drinking, but also for food production, shelter.

Abstract My lab report was based on how ground water could be affected by contaminants that surround us everyday. “ Access to safe drinking water depends not only on the quality of water at source but also on contamination throughout it’s way to the user and practices related to purification and sanitation” (Mishra, S., & Nandeshwar, S.

).I was very.  Water quality and contamination Student’s Name Institution 20th September Water quality and contamination Introduction This report focus on factors that affects the quality of water, agents of water contamination and how. Water Quality Assessment Experiment Ecotoxicology is an extension of toxicology, available on the Water Quality Lab Web Resource Page, which can be found on the Biol Home Page.

primary source of information when analyzing your results and writing your final lab report. Some.

Water contamination lab report
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