Write a short note on computer science

Different viruses are activated in different ways. OR Discuss some ways in which the security of data may he violated. It can also steal or damage hard disk space, it can slowdown CPU processing. OR What do you know about parallel data transmission? Unauthorized or pirated software should not be installed on the computer.

It saves the file in template directory instead of its original location. IT may cause many damages to a computer system. OR Define data link layer.

موسٹ امپورٹنٹ سوالات کے لیا سائٹ پیپر سے کچھ دن پھیلے بی چیک کریں: شکریہ

Email Attachments Most of the viruses spread through emails. So back-up your data on regular basis. USB drives should be scanned for viruses, and should not be used on infected computers. Melisa It is a virus that is distributed as an email attachment. OR List out different elements of data communication.

Five Generations of Computers

Define the term Word Processing. OR Write some applications of information technology. OR Differentiate between data and information. These websites are developed to spread viruses or other unethical material. There are some great softwares that can back up your data automatically.

What is a Computer virus?

OR Define the sign up process on any web mail facility. The latest and updated version of Anti-Virus and firewall should be installed on the computer.

OR State the purpose of computer simulation.

CIE AS Computer Science 9608

OR What is internet explorer? OR Give three suggestions to protect from virus. Virus can spread if user installs pirated software that contains a virus.

Purpose and short cut key of the undo Command. A virus can also be copied from one computer to other when the user copies infected files using flash drives and disks.

A computer system can be protected from virus by following these precautions. The backup is used if the virus deletes data or modifies it. OR Write briefly the uses of Computer Simulation. OR Define web browser.

OR Define memory address. OR Write the names of some popular operating system. OR Distinguish between single-user and multi-user operating system.

What is the use of MICR? OR Explain data security. The Anti-Virus software must be upgraded regularly. Many viruses are activated on a certain data. OR Write names of any four antivirus programs.

Ripper It corrupts data from the hard disk. If this file is copied to a computer, virus is also copied to the computer. OR State the purpose of data link layer.

It may delete files, degrade performance and send the files to anyone. A variety of pirated software is available in CDs and from the internet.

Freeware and shareware software from the internet normally contain viruses. OR List some examples of pointing devices.Afterwards, the pen can upload your writing and sketches as if they were written directly on the computer.

There's some great functions for lectures - for example, you can record audio with the pen while writing notes. CIE AS Computer Science summarized revision PDF notes by ZNotes, past paper solution tutorials by ZClass & Cambridge subject expert coaching by ZCoach.

Answer to Write a short note on computer virus. Computer Virus is a malicious software program “Malware” that can infect a computer by modifying or deleting data files, boot sector of a hard disk drive or cases a software program to work in an What is a Computer Virus | Types of Computer Virus |.

- March Computer Science 2 - H.S.C - Maharashtra State Board (MSBSHSE) question paper view all Question Papers Solution for question: Write a short note on. The following are the five generations of computers. The development of electronic computers can be divided into 5 generations depending upon the technologies used.

Five Generations of Computers | Byte-Notes | Computer Science learning platform.

Write a short note on computer science
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